Company Policy


  • The Directors, Management and Personnel of our company are committed to providing a high-quality service in Quality Management, by continuously improving client service, human resource management and company operations.

    Recognising, understanding and evaluating customer needs and trying to improve customer satisfaction is the company’s primary objective. Human Resource Management is based on the principles of close training and supervision, excellent communication skills for all personnel and high levels of personnel satisfaction.

    Part of the commitment, by top management, is to develop and train employees so that they can contribute to the continual improvement of meeting and exceeding our primary objective. Top management will provide adequate resources and training to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

    In support of our core values and strategic direction and to demonstrate our commitment to quality, we operate a Management System in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. We continually review our business risks and opportunities and set objectives against which our performance can be measured, identifying opportunities for improvement

    When top management take decisions that influence the local community they will take into consideration the views of interested parties and the effect the company’s activities have upon the environment.

    In fulfilling the above Quality Policy, top management recognizes the importance of suppliers and will work with them to improve the quality of their services to us. The success of the issues within this Quality Policy will be monitored, controlled and improved through elements of this Quality Management System and reviewed at regular Management Review Meetings.

    Each employee will be made aware of the importance and contents of this quality policy and be encouraged to contribute to the success of the quality management system. The Company’s commitment to meeting, and exceeding, the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the importance of meeting statutory and regulatory requirements secures a prosperous future and sets a unique standard for others to follow.

    To ensure the company maintains its awareness and commitment for continuous improvement, the quality system is regularly reviewed and is subject to annual audit.

    The requirements of the company’s quality system are mandatory, and all company personnel have a responsibility and obligation to it.

  • Continual improvement of environmental performance is a key objective of the company. The Director recognises the significance and value of pro-active environmental management and the need to eliminate or reduce adverse environmental impacts resulting from our operations.
    Blue Inn will;

    • * Comply with applicable legislation / duty of care obligations and maximise the possibility for the segregation of waste that can be re-cycled from that which can’t.
    • * Commit to protecting the environment, with specific identification of those activities which have a significant impact on the environment and prevention of pollution.
    • * Maximise the efficiency of consumed energy and minimise pollution; through the adoption of an efficient transport policy for personnel and the controlled use of electrical supplies and consumables.
    • * Minimise the environmental impact of any physical assets (including plant and machinery) under our control, by ensuring they are properly maintained, stored, transported and utilised.
    • * Set and regularly monitor, relevant and challenging environmental objectives
    • * Subject environmental performance to continual improvement
    • * Encourage and promote best practice and continuous improvement in environmental performance.
    • * Provide appropriate environmental training where necessary.
    • * Provide information and assistance to ensure that materials are used, stored and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
    • * Comply with the requirements of our customer's environmental policies

    We will ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and other people representing the Company and reviewed annually.


  • The Health & Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 requires Blue Inn to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of our employees, and anyone else who may be affected by our acts or omissions. Compliance with legislative requirements will be the minimum acceptable standard adopted to achieve this goal.

    To carry out this policy, responsibilities for health and safety have been clearly defined, allocated and accepted at all levels. All employees must play their part in implementing this policy in accordance with the relevant company policies, procedures, legislation and other compliance obligations, if safety standards are to continually improve.

    To achieve this, we will:

    • * provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from our activities in relation to employees, contractors, and other third parties;
    • * provide sufficient resources to ensure that proper provisions for health and safety can be made;
    • * eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks
    • * carry out risk assessments of our activities and implement effective measures to control the risks present;
    • * communicate with all employees about their health and safety and provide them with sufficient information, instruction and training through positive management and supervision to implement this policy;
    • * provide and maintain safe equipment, safe working practices, safe working environment and adopt industry best practice and implement safe systems of work;
    • * make a commitment to the prevention of injury and causes of work-related ill health;
    • * set and monitor health and safety objectives across the business, aimed at continual improvement in safety performance and management;
    • * develop and lead the promotion of a culture that supports the intended outcomes of the OH&S management system;
    • * operate a Management System in accordance with the requirements of HSG 65
    • * fulfil legal requirements and other requirements

    We will review the risks to our business and set objectives against which our performance can be measured to identify opportunities for continual improvement of the Management System and enhancing levels of our health and safety performance.

    This policy will be reviewed annually, to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.

    It is part of the company’s training programme to ensure that this policy statement is briefed, understood and implemented at all levels within the company.

    This policy will be available to interested parties upon request.

  • Blue Inn. strives tocarry out its business activities with honesty and transparency and without theuse of corrupt practices to gain an unfair business advantage.


    It is our policy tocomply with the laws, rules and regulations governing anti-bribery andcorruption law.


    The Director of BlueInn has a zero-tolerance approach to acts of bribery and corruption.  Any breach of this policy will be regarded asa serious matter which may result in disciplinary action, and the policecontacted.


    This policy appliesto all individuals working at all levels including directors, employees(whether permanent, fixed term or temporary) contractors, consultants, agencystaff, casual workers or any other person acting on our behalf.