Blueinn BCA

Blue Inn is a leading recruitment company specializing in placement of permanent and temporary professionals to construction industry across the UK & Ireland. Since our focal point is the whole construction industry, we provide a dedicated service of effective placement of Professionals/talents by efficiently matching them with the right employer, ensuring a satisfactory experience for both.

Obtaining the Building Confidence Accreditation ensures that Blue Inn

Recruitment (BIR) automatically qualifies to tender for any work requiring a

PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) within the construction industry.

All aspects of the Standard pre-qualification procedure are already present,

for example:

* Quality of work – this is not just the quality attained but the ability to

achieve this within the required budgets and timescales.

* Health and Safety – rigorous policies are required to be in place

* Environmental considerations – the organisation needs to demonstrate

what measures it is taking to offset any potential harm being caused to

the environment as a result of its activities.

* Status – this includes investigation into the directors of the organisation

and also its sub-contractors and how capable the entire organisation is

to deliver the required levels of work.